50+ Small Group Personal Training


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Fitness Physical

Complimentary Fitness Physical Let’s establish your fitness plan. This is your time to meet with me to discuss your fitness goals and determine your physical abilities for your fitness plan. I offer baseline testing for strength, balance, flexibility and more.

Fitness Physical by Pro Health and Fitness

50+ Small Group Personal Training

The small group class difference with a personal focus. Get the benefit of your customized fitness plan but in a small group setting with friends! I will give you direction on how to work out best for your body while leaving the thinking to me. With my scientifically proven approach I will modify your training based on any preexisting condition and meet you where your abilities are at! No stale workouts here! Your plan will focus on core, balance, strength and endurance. No machines required. One on one personal training sessions are available under the same format.

Post Rehab 50+ One on One Personal Training

Therapy is done! Let’s get active! We understand you need a plan to ease back into your lifestyle after physical therapy. Gregg and I will build you a personalized fitness plan to bridge the gap from your prescribed physical therapy program to an exercise program that works to get you stronger now. Even stronger than before! You will be back to your active lifestyle and into our small group personal training in no time!


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