Recipe – Fresh Homemade Cashew Butter

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I love cashew nut butter!  It is a great source of protein.  I use cashew butter in many recipes or as a snack.  It pairs great with sliced apples for a great mid-day pick me up.  You will need a pretty strong blender to make nut butter as it takes a bit of blending to get it smooth.  I used my Ninja blender and it does the job.  This recipe calls for only two ingredients.  You can add some Himalayan salt if you like but it is not necessary.  Enjoy!

Homemade Cashew Butter

1 pound cashew (I used cashew pieces for this recipe)

¼ cup Avacado Oil (add more oil if needed)

Place cashews in a blender with avocado oil.  Blend for a few minutes.  I use my high-speed setting.  After a few minutes, stop the blender and with a spatula scrape the pieces of cashew from the sides of the blender back down into the mix.   Restart blender for a couple of more minutes.  Check consistency of the butter, if necessary add about 1 to 2 teaspoons of avocado oil if needed to help make butter smooth.  The entire process may take up to 10 minutes of blending.  I turn my blender off to give it a rest and restart for a couple of more minutes.  Once you have the consistency you like you are finished blending and you will have fresh delicious tasting cashew butter!


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