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Pro Health & Fitness, located in Woodstock, GA, offers boutique style manual physical therapy and personal training.  We are dedicated to the unique individual who desires more personalized service than a franchise physical therapy clinic or big box gym.   The unique and rare manual therapy techniques used at Pro Health & Fitness help you to recover quickly with confounding results.   What makes their small group personal training special is a focus on the unique and varied goals for the baby boomer population with attention to tailoring exercises for each individual that keep you staying active.   Once physical therapy treatment has resolved we offer a post-rehab program customized for you by our certified personal trainer with input from our physical therapist.


Hi, my name is Gina Baumgartner, I am the co-owner and certified personal trainer with Pro Health & Fitness, LLC. I love Woodstock and I’m proud to call it home for our family and business. I have to give my mom the credit for introducing me to healthy eating. Growing up at home “organic” and “whole foods” were common household words long before they were popular and fashionable. My journey in fitness began a little further down the road at age 19 when I first met my husband Gregg. He introduced me to strength training and I fell in love, with him too.


I became a personal trainer so I could surround myself with everything to do with fitness. While building my career in personal training, I became intrigued with body building and decided to train for competition. Gregg coached me and I competed and placed in a SNBF body building competition. I began to understand that over the years our fitness goals change and the focus turns to increased flexibility, strength, balance and improving function so we can continue to add quality of life to our years. This is when I channeled my expertise and knowledge and now enjoy training the 40 plus population.


I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Senior Fitness Specialist with the National Academy of Sport Medicine (NASM), a Functional Aging Specialist with the Functional Aging Institute (FAI) and CPR/AED certified with the American Heart Association. I work with clients that seek out a trainer to tailor an exercise plan to meet them where they are. Some of my clients have never had a gym membership. Some have had knee or hip surgery and need to get moving again. Others seek me out because they do not know where to begin but know they need to exercise. I understand working through challenges as I personally struggled with a digestive disease. It stopped me in my tracks making everyday life impossible. Without giving up I searched until I discovered nutritional healing foods and a natural treatment plan that brought healing to my body without needing medications today. It comes natural to me to coach my clients so they too can make healthy food and lifestyle choices to guide them in reaching their goals.

My name is Gregg Baumgartner. I am the co-owner and a physical therapist specializing in skilled manual therapy with Pro Health & Fitness, LLC.   I live in Woodstock, and have practiced in NW Georgia for the last 30 years. I enjoy all of the amazing natural amenities that this region offers.  I am an avid cyclist, both mountain and road, and enjoy taking in all the beautiful scenery with photography. 


My Master’s Degree is in Physical Therapy from Touro College, a private school in Long Island, New York. My entire career has been continually studying in my field and focusing on manual therapy. I have taken an extensive amount of continuing education to obtain these invaluable skills to treat a wide variety of pathology.  Due to the extensive amount of manual therapy techniques that I use to treat, I know your results will be rapid and astounding.  I love educating my patients on what it takes to reach their goals.

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